Coolong system - no good warnings
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    Default Coolong system - no good warnings

    First detail - I am one for having one eye on the temp gauge and one eye on the road. I have over ride switches to turn thermatic fans on and I also have a extra VDO temp gauge (the one with the copper line) to confirm engine temp

    My 205 developed a split lower ratiator hose the other night on the way home. The typical coolant smell went through the car but my window was down and I took it the smell was coming from the old ford XD beside me. Anyways checked out all the gauges which read ok, the fans were not on so I thought hhmm not me.

    I continued on and at the next set of lights about 500m away, stopped for the red and sure enough up rose the steam clouds from my engine bay (from coolant squirting onto the exhaust). Still the gauges read ok at normal temp and no fans were active. I had lost about two litres of coolant yet not one gauge or sensor picked it up. The only thin I did notice was a tiny red light on the dash near the temp gauge was on telling me the level was low. WELL DUH - I WANT SOMETHING THAT SCREAMS TO TELL ME THAT!


    Im thinking now that if I lose coolant, that then leaves the coolant sensors sensing AIR, not fluid so the have no use. (Then noted was all the coolant senders are at the TOP of the engine), ...Is this correct?

    Surely there has to be a greater warning device like a pressure sensor (loss of cooling system pressure) or better warning for low coolant level or a head up display saying "YOUR CAR IS DOING GREEN WEE !" watch a Peugeot turn into a corner!

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    You could always just rig up a buzzer to the light so it's buzzes as well as lights up.
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