406 SV aircon compressor
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    Default 406 SV aircon compressor

    I have a 2002 406 SV manual that has done 103000kms.It's a great car. Recently the airconditioning lost all cooling. My mechanic has told me that the compressor is worn out and requires replacement at approx $1400 inclusive of parts and labour. I'd be grateful for any suggestions or advice.


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    It's not so much the mileage Bruce, as how the aircon was or wasn't maintained.

    Compressors are rebuilt by a few mobs, but changeover price I don't know. Assume you'll be up for new flex hoses as well.

    If the internals have started physically deteriorating, the system may well need a backflush and possibly more - the TX valve works on an assumption it gets nice clean gas through it free of corroded particles or swarf.

    I use and recommend Craig at "AC Mobile Auto Air" - in the Yellow Pages. Being summer, he'll be busy. However, he may be willing to chck the pressures and offer an opinion for a modest amount. Anyone who offers a free test is looking to make their money back off you elsewhere...

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    For the compressor, contact jmautoair. http://www.jmautoair.com.au/

    I had to search for a compressor for the Scenic recently and his price was excellent for a new comp. Not a lot more than my quote for s/h and heaps better than rebuild of the old one.
    Send him an email with as much detail about the OEM compressor and he'll do his best.
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    Just had mine done ...A 200,000km 1998 406 coupe.
    Yeah, about $1300 for me but all good now.
    The compressor is generic...if it was from Peugeot it would have cost a lot more.

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