405 SRDT Coolant bleeding procedure
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Thread: 405 SRDT Coolant bleeding procedure

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    Default 405 SRDT Coolant bleeding procedure

    Here is some info courtesy of pugrambo that was lost post-crash on the coolant bleeding procedure for the 405 diesel, which can be quite difficult to get all of the air out of. Luckily, I had his post saved to my computer for when I changed the coolant in my car.
    So here it is, ready for anybody else that may need it.

    Quote Originally Posted by pugrambo
    these can be a bugger to bleed and takes a few goes to get all the air out and what makes it worse is there is only
    one bleed point in the system just near the thermostat on the hose

    i have found the best way to do it is to loosen the bleeder, fill the radiator right up to the top and keep filling
    untill you get a good stream of coolant from the bleeder

    then tighten it up and put the rad cap back on

    start the car and get it up to operating temp, now this will take a while so go and have a beer/coffee/smoke while
    you are waiting then have another as the car will still be coming up to temp

    when it finally gets there just crack the bleeder again and see what you get

    more air will be the answer. once you get coolant again tighten it up and shut the car down


    let it cool and check the level in the radiator, it will be down

    top it up and open the bleeder up again and follow the above procedure again

    once you do this 1/2 a dozen times you should be getting close

    over the next couple of days repeat the above untill all is normal

    the day you crack the bleeder and you get coolant coming out without air is the day you can relax

    this is the only method i have found that works on 405 SRDT's

    406's are much better and have more bleed points and can have the coolant drained and replaced in just over an hour from go to whoa
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    cheers man!

    Monsieur 405

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