What is needed to put a diesel in a petrol 505?
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    Default What is needed to put a diesel in a petrol 505?

    So as the title says, what is needed to put an XD in a once petrol 505?

    I've been thinking what to do with my "spare parts car" which is a series 1 SR sedan that someone put a ZDJL in, it's got a really good body but it has a blown head gasket and was apparently knocking, The only sane thing I can think to do is put a diesel in it. (A very large part of me says Mazda rotary or Rover V8 though )

    So, that leads me to the question of what I need an what work needs to be done. Demanu and Deiselmans (?) threads seem to have been lost in the great forum crash of 2010 so I've got some stuff to ask.

    Can the standard engine mounts be retained?

    What is different about the gearboxes? Is the bell housing and the input shaft different to a petrol? What about with autos?

    What is needed fuel pump and tank wise?

    Is there any "special" wiring needed?

    I assume the starters are different?

    What is needed radiator wise? The car has a GTi one in it, I assume this would be horribly inadequate?

    How do the springs go? Is there a special combination of springs that make it level? It has some kind of lowered and stiffened spring in it now (about 2in lower than the my S2 GTi and seem to be stiffer than it, coils are at a steeper angle and seem to be the same diameter), those will go into my GTi though.

    If I get a diesel from a 504 with a BA7/4 could I swap the input shaft and/or bell housing onto a BA7/5?

    I need all the help I can get .

    Maybe I'm just procrastinating about fixing up the 403.




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    Fix the 403..

    Diesel would be nice but you essentially need a complete donor car.
    It is easier to strip down the ZDJL and get it going for another 1/2 million km.
    The front end is rated differently, between the std petrol and either a diesel or the GTI, (GTI is better....)

    The GTI radiator should be sufficient, but a thermo fan conversion is recommended especially if the petrol engine is to be retained.
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