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    Message for ANDREAS

    Hey there


    Just checked out your site and was taken back by the pictures and story of your mates 206CC

    What a bummer - car about 2 weeks old I suppose???

    It would be interesting to see what caused the fire in the first place. As you said, the battery was disabled thus eliminating the chance of eletrical fire. Maybe the detonation in the airbags caused a bit too much heat. By the looks of the interior, it maybe impossible to find out where it acutally started but I am no expert. Did the Firey's say anything?

    Seriously - I think it would be worth your mate contacting Pug Australia to introduce a possible recall! It is bloody scary. If someone was not so fortunate to be able to get out of the car after a major crash and this happens - you know what could happen. Pug might have a death on their hands.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
    Cheers Stu G
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    those pics are getting old now, i should take them down but that would mean updating my site

    the car was checked but as the lot was burnt out they couldn't really find anything.
    The impact was alot harder than first thought, it wasn't just a bump.
    Peugeot were contacted etc

    I'm sure if it was a fault with the 206 it would've been recalled years ago as they've been out in europe for atleast 2 years i think and i'm sure 206's have been invloved in many accidents already.


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