bl**y peugeot and fire dont mix
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    bl**y peugeot and fire dont mix

    Happy new year all. . . . .

    Hope everyone is safe with these bloody fires. aaah fire. speaking of fire, going to attend the one (around Picton area) for the RFS (Rural Fire
    Service) I had the breather hose off the cam cover split and spew forth oil all over the engine bay. Aaaah, hot manifold!!! I had a fireball erupt under the bonnet, destroying the master cylinder fluid container, sock air filter,
    air flow meter, gear linkages, and scorching all the cables under the bonnet. I stopped as soon as i saw smoke pouring out from the back of the
    car, opened the bonnet to find it in flames!!!!

    From rallying, its taught me to carry 2 extinguishers, so I grabbed one, (dry chem) and emptied it into the engine bay. I had the second one at the ready, but it didn't re-ignite. . . Lucky I was wearing my fire brigade overalls eh? :|

    So, what I am saying, I am sure you can all appreciate, and probably do, always carry an extinguisher in your road car. And good luck with the fires all.


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    I guess all your training actually paid off. !!
    A mate of mine had the same thing happen to his Galant he had just spent thousands on putting a Sigma Turbo motor in. He had it on the road for about two days and ...whooosh ... He didn't have a fire ext.

    Hope you are ok...
    Cars can be fixed ... paople are a little more difficult..

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