What tyres for the 504?
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    Default What tyres for the 504?

    Have put my 504 in for a service and one task to be performed was a much needed wheel balance.

    However its seems the front pair of Michelin MXTE's have 'egged'.
    They have 'Made in China' stamped on them.
    The mechanic suggests Michelin's 'not made in China' would be the go.
    But a ring around only revealed Michelin Energy XM1's which are made in Thailand. Probably not much better.

    The size required is 185/75 R14.

    Have Pirelli P400's on the rear but these have not been too popular with some on this forum.


    Can anyone suggest a good quality alternative that is hopefully not made somewhere in the far east?
    504 GL '75

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    For something different ... I put a set of light truck tyres on my 504. (Dunlop Adventurers). These are obviously not performance tyres but just for general running around they do the trick for me and should last. There is quite of range of light truck tyres to suit.

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