Mi16x4 year differences
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    Default Mi16x4 year differences


    I am an owner of a 405 Mi16x4 and I have just purchased another Mi16x4 to use as spares. I don't know what year it is, and I don't think the owner does either (its in bits). What I want to know is what difference is there in the early and later models, and what compatibility is there in the major parts, i.e. the drive system, the brakes the rear suspension etc. Any help would be most appreciated so i know what to keep and what to sell back on ebay (this car was dirt cheap so I couldn't resist buying it regardless of the year). Thanks, Alex.


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    all the Mi16x4 drivetrains are the same. 405x4 drivetrains are different however. You should also keep the rear brake calipers.
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