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Thread: Servicing

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    Default Servicing

    G'Day guys,
    I need to know what i need doing as my car rapidly approaches the 85,000k mark. Its an 01 Rally E (XT in disguise). I am about to take a 2560km round trip up to Pt Mac in nth NSW for the Australian Ironman. Money is tight enough as it is and i am wondering what sort of a service i should get before the big trip. The last service being at 75,000. I had the timing belt and water pump done at this time and the brakes all redone a few months before this.

    I need to do this on the cheap and was wondering what are the most important things to keep a heads up about.



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    Its hard to say when one doesnt know the car but unless there is something sounding/looking suspicious Id just to the normal service- oil, filter + timingbelt since its soon approaching its time anyway. I recon in Oz one can always call on a emergency repair service in contrast to here where you are absolutely on your own in most cases. So we carry lots of parts- spare ignition module, fanbelt, spark plugs, fuel pump, filters etc etc.

    On my last run I even had an entire point/condensor type distributor with me as I didnt have any spare ignition module. In hindsight Ive seldome found use for any of these parts I brought along (a few times something I happened not to have with me), so unless something seems suspicious (and you car is quite new) I wouldnt do more then a normal service, since you say that you have a tight budget.
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    If it hasn't been serviced in between times, I'd go oil and filter change, gearbox oil either change or at least check.
    Check all belts for cracks and adjustment, possibly new set of plugs if there is no record of them being changed.
    Check tyres for uneven wear and if any found, have wheel alignment done.

    If it makes you feel any better, in the past month I have done 2 trips, one out to Gunnedah which was around 1900 klms in 3 days and another more local one that was 900 klms in the one day, all with a trailor on behind. On the first trip there were 5 in the car plus a bootful of luggage and in a heat wave with the air/con going full blast all the way and top side of 100klms almost all the time.
    I was in an early Xantia with 230K klms on the clock, so if it's checked before you go, can't see it being a problem.

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