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Thread: 505Gti Gearbox

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    Default 505Gti Gearbox

    Can someone please give an opinion?
    Should replacement bearings in the above DEFINITELY be genuine or has previous use shown aftermarket, eg SKF to be acceptable?


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    You will find that the so called 'genuine' bearings are simply an SKF/FAG/etc etc etc bearing, in a peugeot wrapper....with a special partnumber on the side so it looks pretty.........

    if you buy genuine from the dealer, youll be paying extra for a brand name.

    best bet is to just go to your ussual peugeot parts salesman, be it whoever, and order the bearings, cheaper then paying full price for a peugeot wrapper containing a bearing made by SKF/FAG/etc etc.

    even the bearings in the new cars, are supplied to peugeot, and all other car manufacturers, from a seperate bearing company, with a special partnumber printed on the inner race, so it conforms with peugeots' etc. spare parts cataloge, and so they can charge people lots of money for 'genuine' bearings.

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