What should i offer on an 05 206 gti?
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    Default What should i offer on an 05 206 gti?

    Looks like my mate is going to have to sell his less than year old 206 Gti because of money probs . I know he paid $30000 drive away for it (plus window tinting and paint protection) and i was thinking of maybe making an offer on it as i know apart from some cigarette burns on the seats he as absoloutley baby'd the car (he isn't even game to rev it over 5000 rpm!). It has about 12000km on it but half of that has been done during trips between Gympie and Mt Isa. Any idea what a fair price would be? I don't want to take advantage of his situation but i also don't want to pay to much for it either. I think i remember some one posting on here the saw dealers running out the last of these for $25000 new!!! Is that right? I can't seem to find many gti's for sale that aren't 180's to see if that has impacted on the price. There sure are a lot of people trying to get rid of their cc's though!


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    and follow the prompts.

    Given it has done a few K's and ciggy burns, (reformed smoker here).

    $20-$25jk is the going price, (lower end maybe).
    A dealer would only give you less than two thirds of the new price.

    This is business, mates do not count, (hard, but true).

    I make it a rule not to do major $$$$$$ transactions with friends or family, it only ends in tears.
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    Redbook is a rough guide ...


    Is it a '04 build (05 compliance) or a '05 build ?

    Yes there was price drop a few months ago.

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