Battery for 'S1' 405.
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    Default Battery for 'S1' 405.

    Hi, I'm pretty sure the battery in my 1990 405 has pretty much had it. It was flat when I got in it last Saturday morning, and again this morning. My mechanic has previously noted that it's technically too small for the 405 and hey I only bought it second hand for $40 a year or so ago.


    Do I need a specific 'European' battery for it? I've been told you can actually get away with a regular battery but I thought I'd check.

    I've seen the term 'DIN55' and 'DIN66' floating about, how do these differ?

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    I am not certain but I think 'euro' batteries have the terminals recessed into the top of the battery? Like I said I am not 100% sure but that's what I have been lead to believe and both the Cit Xsara we have and my Scenic have this style of battery and I know that a friend with a GTA was after this style too.
    I'd check if your Pug should have that too because if a normal battery of the same size is used and the terminals add to the ehight you could end up with a problem like I have seen on some cars where the terminals will hit under the bonnet...kaboom
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