Anyone got a 505 Weber ?
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    Default Anyone got a 505 Weber ?

    As people don't always read the spare parts section, please excuse for putting this ad here:
    I have an '83 505 that's got a Solex.....the original and the worst. Does anyone have a Weber that's already been on a Peugeot?
    I don't really want to re-jet and open the venturis on some Weber carby that's been on a Cortina.
    My 505 is auto, and I just worked out it only gets 18 litres/100 k. (groan)


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    Hey Mark, Chris here(I bought Johns old 505 1990 wagon)
    Did you see this thread a while ago.
    and yet another improvement......
    Owen bought our previous 505 auto and fitted a carbie I had bought for the blue wagon and he couldn't be happier with the conversion. I am sure if you sent him a PM he would help out someway and even drop by for you to drive the car.
    Try to get a hold of an old XE Falcon 34ADM weber with the electric choke. If you are not sure I can try and find one for you and point you towards it.
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    If youd like to see my 505 with the weber on it i can bring it around......

    also if you decide on the falcon weber ( i would if i were you) then i can also make up the little bits youll need for the conversion. They are really simple to make and you can do it yourself, but i can knock up the bits pretty quickly for you at work.

    dont need to rejet it or anything, when i did mine i just bolted it on and turned the key, didnt touch anything, (ok maybe i played with the idle) but the bigger jets have no effect, infact my fuel ecconomy got better then the old setup, bigger jets and barrels made for a lot more responce off the line and a smoother 'easyier' cruise on the highway.

    check out that link HKP posted above for more info and pics.


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