If Your Selling 206 Parts
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    Default If Your Selling 206 Parts

    Hey guys. Im looking to buy 206 parts. Things Like Mags. Im looking for 17" that dont require modifications to fit.


    Im also hoping people might have ideas for an orange pug, the colour in the picture of what rims i might put on. Id love for mine to look like my avatar.

    Also. Presently i am (slowly) installing an audio system into my pug and was wondering if people could give sugestions to what worked, eg sub size for air space in car etc. I think I'm going a little overboard with it. But hey. People will hear me coming .

    Anybody know where i can get one of those stealth sound shelfs for the Pug Boot to install speakers into from Australia? Ive seen them posted in other countries.

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    Default MAK Wheels

    Hi there!

    I'm picking up my 206 GTI 180 today and it will go straight in to have new rims put on. MAK Wheels (an Italian company) have about 5 different designs that fit right onto a 17" Pug. They cost about $310 per rim (without tyres). I am selling my original 17" rims but not sure for what price yet as I have never owned a Peugeot before so not sure of market prices.

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