Have looked at 2 406 ST Autos for a friend (a car to replace the old 505), and they had differnent autos in them.

One was a 97' D8 ST. Had the trans oil cooler on the top of the casing and it had a dipstick.

The other was a 98' D8 ST. It had the cooler at the back of the casing and no dipstick I could see. Also had an extra button next to the selector marked with a "1" in addition the to sport and snow buttons the other car had.

What gives?

Not that it matters - walked away from the 98 one from the moment I felt the first 1st to 2nd change. Another victim of the Dexron III I think. It had "issues"... Had a sticker on the casing dated from 2000 - why would it need a reco box when 2 years old? All very dodgy...

The 97 model had a dipstick I could find, so I could check the fluid - it was yellow. Is this right for a 406? Its not DIII, so I guess its a good sign!!