Strong new HDI engines for the 407 and 607 !!!
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    Icon14 Strong new HDI engines for the 407 and 607 !!!


    At the next Geneva Motorshow, Peugeot will introduce an all new 4-cylinders HDI engine(build with Ford, as usual), a 2.2l 16v turbo/biturbo with 170bhp

    This engine will be displayed under the bonnet of the 407 sedan and SW and of the 607


    Furthermore, the now very know V6 HDI(used by the 607 and Coupé 407 from the marque) will be used by the other versions of the 407(sedan and SW)...

    All these HDI versions will be available in France between may/june 2006

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    Default But here???

    We are the diesel backwater. Full marks to Pug, Ren, Cit, VW for keeping the flame alight, but with virtually every other make of car available in diesel form overseas (yes! Even Kia, Honda and Hyundai!) we just get ignored.
    Also, I worry about the longevity and reliability of sophisticated multivlave diesels. Electronic engine management has come a long way, however "diesel knock" will always be with us and I wonder if the strengths of the diesel option will live on. Time will tell. We now have "low tech" eg 505/504 diesels; "medium tech" eg 405 diesels; and "high tech" Hdi diesels. I'm a "low tech" guy which basically means that if I can't fix it myself I wouldn't buy it.
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    I think that for the diesel to live on it must go hi-tech. My 2.3L 504 puts out about 50kw and 130nm. My 2.5L Landrover TD5 puts out 100kw and 340nm. You need computer technology to get acceptable performance from a diesel.

    "Diesel knock" is still there but much reduced. I can still get people waiting at bus stops to look around (and even start to get up!) as the 504 approaches but they take no notice of the TD5, and the newer diesels are even quieter.
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    I work with BMW. The last 5 X5's I've sold have been diesels. 150 kw and 490 NM. We now have a 530 D sedan with the same motor, as well as X3 D and I hear the 160 BHP 120D is coming. That will be exciting.
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