I raised my Pug!!!
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    Default I raised my Pug!!!

    Just to do something completely different I've raised my 306 back to almost standard ride height. I've felt for a while that there was just not enough suspension travel at the rear, making the car unsettled over bumps. I also wanted to let the konis do their thing unresticted by short travel.

    I had paul V reset the torsion bar, the front stayed as is. The eibach/koni combo really only lowered the front about 12mm. The car now sits level, not all slanted to the rear. Interestingly, Paul said he had trouble getting the car level as the torsion bar was twisting/sagging a bit more on the left. He had to compensate with slightly different settings left to right. Apparently just a quirk of the torsion set-up. Also had the read Dampers set a bit firmer. Now both front and rear are set to medium.

    Anyway, the car seems to have more life back in it. Cant really tell unitl I drive some roads I know well. First impression is good, the ride is certainly improved (aven with the firmer damper setting) Going over speed bumps, the rear settles in one short compression/rebound rather than bobbing a bit.
    I think my age is starting to catch up as I dont really mind losing the cool low stance in exchange for better driving! I also removed the big stereo bits. I saved 15Kg!! Whats next? Cardigans....


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    cardigans are coming back, you know
    - Lincoln

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