The 505 wagon engine transplant story.petrol to diesel.
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    Default The 505 wagon engine transplant story.petrol to diesel.

    Hi Some time a go a member (can't remember his name)wrote an involving story of putting a diesel engine in his 505 petrol powered wagon.Did it in a day.We were entertained almost daily with his progress.The last I heard was he/you if you are reading this was some very energetic changes that had to be made to the diff housing before he/you could enjoy the heaven of a 5 speed box and higher ratio diff.
    Haven't heard anything since so my curiosity has been stirred enough to write this thread.
    Please let us know the final chapter of this story please thankyou.
    David Browning
    Was it this or this
    81 505 diesel auto


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    Default diesel wagon

    It was actually a 504 wagon and a 504 diesel but yes he swapped them. Problem is that the motor packed it in not long after. He ended up buying a going 505 diesel until he can get back to it. I am going to be doing to be doing the same thing when I can find a good 504 wagon. I'm converting my 404 ute one of these days. Keep in mind that it isn't a bolt in swap and unles you have a bit of fabricating experience, probably not worth your while. Good luck!
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