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Thread: Peaches!

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    Default Peaches!

    Dont know how many of you have seen this new Aussie movie (on DVD) but it has a scene at the start & end where a rather tidy white 504 is rolled spectacularly about 4 times. Its enough too make you cry!

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    I worked on a film recently, titled "48 Shades", based on the novel "48 Shades of brown". I was a key player in getting the brown part dropped from the name, seemed redundant and slightly icky. :p

    Err, back on topic... In the movie a slightly beaten up sunflower yellow 504 or 404 (omg, why can't i remember which!) is the star car (well, the only car). If you see the movie, you certainly won't miss the car!

    Incidentally, is it a forum members? I can't remember if it had an AF sticker on it when i had a looksee... It lives in Brisbane.

    Shame about the suicidal 504 in Peaches, but i guess film makers have an affinity to these cars. Hopefully the parts will go to a better place...
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    I did notice that... I thought it was bad publicity for old pugs to have two people killed in a roll caused by a bit of oversteer. (wasn't it, i can't remember the scene that clearly)

    Anyway, did anyone else like the film?
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