505 replacement wheel studs?
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    Default 505 replacement wheel studs?

    Is it possible to replace the wheel studs in a 505? Can you get them from anywhere? Do they come with new brake rotors (and, if so, does anyone still make brake rotors for a 505?) Or am I better off just waiting till I find a 505 with good condition hubs (if there are any left), and cannibalising those.

    There are some web sites with US companies listing replacement rotors, although they look pretty suspect.


    Thanks for any/all info. .

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    try -http://www.eai.net.au/
    there are also other locally available non genuine rotors but fro memory the studs are through the rotors from the hub and are reasonably easy to replace its been a loing time since I did it and then it was in a 504.

    I am sure many others have more recent experience

    Cheers and good luck
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