307 AUTO fuel consumption?
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    Icon5 307 AUTO fuel consumption?

    I am baffled by the official consumption figures for the 2L auto.
    The Govt. website quotes 8 and 5.6 for the 03 model, and 8.2 combined for the latest 06 model.
    Does anyone know how to convert/findout what the city figure is because 90+ % of our driving is around town and in the hills.
    Peugeot catalogues quoted -
    June 02- 8 and 5.7
    June 03- 8 and 5.7
    Sept 04- 12.4 and 6 (same on the Pug website last year)
    8litres seems way too low but 12.4 is even higher than the quoted figure for my early 2L 406 auto which is a heavier car.(actual city/hills usage is about 13)
    So I am confused!
    I am hoping that someone may be able to advise what they actually achieve. Should be easy via the trip computer.


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    The low figure is highway driving and the high figure is city driving... the combined is the average of the 2. If you do 90% city driving your consumption sound be towards the higher figure. Having said that, it still always depends on your right foot. Some people get as high as 14-15 ltr per 100kms but some people get as low as 7-9 ltr per 100kms.....

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    The ADR 81/01 which was introduced sometime in '04 gives different (higher) results than the old measure.

    In real life? As an example; our (tight) C4 1.6 manual is rated at 7.1 l/100km but gets 10.2-10.4 on my inner urban work commute. Our Subaru is rated at 10.9l/100km but gets 14.8-15.2 for the same type of journey. The only way I get anywhere near 10.9 in the Subaru is driving very gently on major arterials. To me the figures are meaningless therefore .

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    We are on around 11 L / 100 km with around 90% city driving.
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    Government fleet studies estimated that real life figures were about 34% higher than the highway driving cycle and about 15% higher than the city driving cycle.

    The new ADR figures seem to basically correspond to the EU urban and rural fuel economy tests, well that's how the Euro manufacturers seem to be treating it.

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