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Thread: New Problem!!

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    Icon8 New Problem!!

    Well I fixed the overheating thing...I guess but NOW my key wont turn and my machanic thinks it is the switch? Does anybody have any knowledge of this.
    Poor little 505 STi
    thanks guys


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    Hey again Stefany,

    some times the steering lock requires you to move the steering wheel back and forth a little as you turn the key, try that.

    Otherwise some graphite dust (available from hardware stores, locksmiths and some auto shops, only a few dollars) blown into the lock may be very helpful, moving steering wheel back and forth.

    Please tell us of your experience of fixing the overheating problem, problem, solution, cost etc.

    We can probably be of considerable help from a distance, about wether you have a reasonable mechanic for instance, cost of items oils, coolants, labor etc. etc.

    Peugeot locks last a long time, don't worry about new switches for a while.
    Put the graphite in the door and boot locks as well.

    cheers ed ge

    any chance you would give us a postcard description of life where you are?

    Ps. stay in touch.

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