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    Default Help Wanted in BrisVegas

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking to upgrade the suspension of my 405SRI. I have purchased a set of Eibach springs for a very low price and I want to couple these with a new set of dampers...It is just a question of what I go for. I have narrowed it to 3 choices, the cheap (Sachs for Mi16's-$600), the original peugeot mi16 shocks ($800 - can anyone get a better deal on the oem ones?) and the koni sport adjustables. I would love to have a chance to see what a 405 with any of these on would feel like. I am angling for the konis but these maybe too hard for me as I have 16'' wheels? That is why I am asking for some help...Can I please drive someone's 405 with any of the above on? Preferably the koni!

    Pm a contact number if you can help!



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    I had Koni sports on my 405 SRI, and really don't think the general ride changed any at all, unless you wind them up, which I did for motorkhanas.
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