XD3t engine to a GTI sedan
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    Default XD3t engine to a GTI sedan

    Some time ago, I put a thread on Aussie Frogs about the possibility of putting an engine from a 1986 505 GLDT sedan into a Station Wagon. I recieved some very helpful information for which I am very grateful. After some consideration, I have concluded, from advice given, that this may be a difficult undertaking and that a better option would be to do the same with a sedan.
    One became available (with a seized motor) and having purchased it, I have begun the task of taking the fuel injection motor out. Hopefully the diesel will not be as difficult to get in, as this one, initially ,seems to be to get out. In spite of that, it seems to me that this could be a useful discussion exercise for others interested in the same project. I would be interested in hearing about traps and pitfalls to be avoided,or particular difficulties that might be encountered, now that I can be more specific about the task ahead. My biggest advantage is that I have a complete car to wreck.


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    I think I replied last time you posted about this.

    Since that post, I have converted my 504 wagon from petrol to diesel. Obviously the GTi motor has a few extra wires going to it, but other than that they are a similar conversion.

    From the GTi, you will have a lot of superflous wiring. Basically the only wires you need to retain for the diesel are the oil pressure, ignition and coolant temperature sensor lines. You will also need to remove the fuel pump from behind the rear axle on the chassis, bypass it and sell it on eBay for $20. You will need to run additional wiring for the glowplugs and timer.

    The diesel motor will bolt straight in, but the gearbox will be an issue in a wagon. There are plenty of discussions on fitting a BA10/5 into a wagon on this forum, it is possible, though not ideal.

    You will need to swap all of the cooling system over and probably at least one of the heater lines (the one that doesn't have the electrically controlled tap on it).

    Also, the diesel filter and priming pump will need to be fitted somewhere, manufacturing a bracket to hold that should be no big deal. The XD3T should have the fuel preheater inbuilt in it, so more plumbing will be required there.

    The exhaust will need replacing the entire length of the car. The sedan exhaust is quite different to the wagon, but the XD3T motor will require a substantially larger diameter exhaust to operate efficiently.

    I'm sure you'll find plenty more niggly jobs along the way to add to this list.

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    Hi Peter,

    Can I please buy the GTI stuff from you....ie the engine with the injection gear and ignition gear ?


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    Default Removing GTI engine and gearbox

    Progress Report:
    Basically, I have followed Haynes Manual,and removed the engine and gearbox, but learned some things the hard way.
    1. The top starter motor bolts were accessed from under the car, with just enough room to unbolt. Impossible from the top of the starter motor.
    2. To facilitate the removal of 'gearbox to engine bolts', especially at the top, I found it easier to remove the LH engine mount, enabling the engine to be lowered slightly, giving easier access to the difficult ones.
    3. In trying to separate the gearbox (automatic) from the tailshaft and without the 'special tool', I found multigrips useful and special attention to make sure the alignment was as true as possible.
    4. Progress will have to be slow, but so far so good. I am going to have to slip a yacht and get an annual maintenance finished before I tackle the next stage.
    5. Few days later! Another lesson learned with the centre console! I followed instructions to take out the radio 'surround' but couldn't get at the screws to remove it. After a few tries, I discovered that there is a plastic 'surround', under the metal one, that clips in. With this out, it was out in minutes. It would have been better to have taken the console out before removing the gearbox. Never mind, my next job is to remove the XD3T engine from another car: with experience gained, it should go more smoothly. The engine bay is now looking smart and clean, ready for the next round, after taking the XD3T engine out of the 'wreck'.Peter
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