Mi16 power steering surprise.
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    Default Mi16 power steering surprise.

    The Mi16 I'm redoing at present was finished (I thought) yesterday and the engine sounded quite sweet until a cloud of smoke began coming from the back which closely followed the "Oh ****!!!!!!!!!" that I had pulled my head out from inside to investigate.
    Turning the key off revealed an ever growing pool of red stuff coming from beneath the car on the passengers side but the source could not be found until we defied death, PAS fluid baths and injury by venturing under while it was still running and discovered a hole in a high pressure rubber hose leading from the power steering pump to the ram. I would expect that if the 406 and later models a couple of who I believe have had dramas wih eruptions of clouds of smoke bellowing from beneath, that this is the source of the problems that some of our geniuses in denial working at these Pug dealerships seem to have so much problems sorting out.
    I'm too busy to get back to it for a week or so, but does anyone know the size of the hose? I expect some of that red stuff they use in marine applications would be the right material to use, but I doubt it will come in a metric size which is a bummer as it would make it either too loose or too tight a fit.
    From what I can see without totally disappearing into the bowels of the mechanicals, it appears as though it may be held with normal hose clips.
    Anyone ever replaced this and can offer some advice??


    Alan S
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    Alan if its the high pressure hose it should have crimped fittings.
    A hydraulic place should be able to make a hose and use your ends (welded on ) if they don't have new ones.
    Regards Pete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan S
    The Mi16 . . . discovered a hole in a high pressure rubber hose leading from the power steering pump to the ram. . . .
    Alan S

    I recently replaced my High pressure power steering pump hose on my '86 505 estate. After messing around with a locally made up hose (which gave way quite quickly) I bought the genuine item.
    It wasn't expensive and I should have taken that route to start with.

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    Power steering pressure hoses are often tuned to eliminate loud hydraulic buzzy noises emanating from normal, cyclic variation in pump output. Original equipment replacement is the way to go. Failures can often be due to heat degradation if the exhaust is close so checking the routing and heat shielding would be wise.

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