80k 205 GTI service advice
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    Default 80k 205 GTI service advice

    Ok. I should be picking up the 205 GTI tomorrow if all goes well and i want to get the 80k service with the cam belt change done as soon as possible.

    I have heard quotes ranging from $700 - $1200 and need some advice as to location and price if people have had theirs done. I live in East Doncaster so i relatively local place would be good.



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    hi tom,

    i wouldnt bother with the "official" 80 thou predetermind factory service.

    if i were in your position, i'd have the cambelt changed (for piece of mind), have an oil filter change and air filer change, and get the mechanic to do a thorough inspection on your gti, and if there is anything more that needs to be serviced, get them to make note of it (tabulate), with a price. what i mean, is get 'em to check then replace or top up all fluids and filters, check condition of brakes, front end suspension components, and check condition of cooling and oil hoses, and exhaust system, and perhaps oil the front end too.

    a good french car garage near by is at box hill called auto-paris. danny (mechanic that works there) is argueably the best 205gti mechanic in melbourne.

    i had my last service there a few months back - for a cambelt replacement. cost me around $300. in the arvo when i went to pick up my s3, danny chucked the gti on a hoist and showed me around, underneath my car, pointing out items that may need to be checked/replaced in the future, which fortunately was only the brake pads! and gave me a quote on future work. he even mentioned that my s3 was one of the tidiest hed ever worked on - but i bet he says that to all the guys!

    just dont let them try to sell you any of their aftermarket mod products or a red s2 205gti, coz you might make an impulse purchase!

    oh yah, tell them you know david shearer coz its always a good ice breaker!

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