How sell and buy peugeot
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    Default How sell and buy peugeot

    I am currently trying to sell a 306 XSI. been doing so for 2 months not one piece of interest yet. So looking for people opinions on how they have either sold or bought their peugeots. Also looked at red books site and am asking for approx price so please don't burn me on the price.
    Thanks for future replies.


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    In terms of 306's, most people seem to want more car for less these days. I.E. they see a 2000 model 306 for $11k and expect that this is the norm without looking at what actually needs to be serviced. I will tell you now, there is a reason why there is some cheap 306's and that is because of a few factors... KM's/years for the timing belt, i.e. the car will be at or around 80k km's, or 160k km's or similar, or be near the 4 year period for a timing belt job, you then take these cars, and add parts plus maintenance for the job needed to be done, and you're up around the price of what it would cost you to get one without the hustles, and that's just one of the myriad of servicing issues you see with 306's. That said, without knowing the year of your car it's a little hard to tell what it's worth...

    At a rough estimate for a late model N5 XSi Id have it at around the $15k mark if it is in good nick. That's another thing when looking at used cars... condition counts, and people will be willing to pay more if you've maintained your car well. Even the fact of having a clean, and polished car will attract more buyers... the adage seems to be that if it looks good, and has been maintained well then it has been a well looked after cart that hasn't been run into the ground by it's previous owners

    The other thing to think about is the fact that there are a lot of other second hand 306's that you're competing with in terms of making a sale. That doesn't mean you have to cut the price constantly, as this will do more to drive away customers, then it will to appeal to them. What it does mean however is that you have to wait for the right buyer, we look at a lot of 306's before settling on a fellow forum members ex-car, and well the answer to that is people don't want to buy lemons, and are looking for the best car they can get for there money.

    As I said, without knowing the year of your car, as well as the condition it's hard to estimate what the right value is, but the key is waiting for the right buyer. Eventually they'll come along

    One thing I can suggest is that being in Yandina you should talk to Cullens, and tell them that you're intrested in selling. They are a very helpful dealership in terms of finding cars for their clients, and may be able to help in the sale process of your car

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