306 HDI intercooler problem, HELP!
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    Icon4 306 HDI intercooler problem, HELP!

    hi there, i have a peugeot 306 HDI, as you know the hdi 306 don't have an intercooler therefore it runs at 90 bhp, i was wondering if the peugeot 406 HDI Has the same turbo as the 306 HDI so i could put a 406 hdi intercooler onto my 306 HDI engine so it might run a bit more than 90 bhp, could you please tell me if this is possible? thank you very much and please enlighten me with a bit of good advice, i really appreciate the help, thanks


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    I have a 405 top mount intercooler spare, but if it was me I would build up a water to air intercooler of course simply fitting an intercooler wont make more power, you need to take it to a diesel specialist and get them to recalibrate the pump to supply more fuel, and possibly adjust the turbo pressure. A compentent shop will give you before and after dyno figures
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