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    Default Pinging 404

    My '68 404 is running the original engine and very likely has never had the head removed. She doesn't blow any smoke and is very reliable.

    My problem is pinging. I have had her tuned (Colliers at Granville) and she continues to ping. Yes, I have tried the various 98 PULPs and found that Optimax gives the best results (or should I say, the least pinging) but she she still pings when you need every firing stroke you can get (ie climbing a hill).

    I don't really want my mechanic to alter the timing too much because she is much perkier since the tune than before.


    Any ideas?

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    give it a redex treatment to de carbon the engine

    then read a few threads on here about water injection

    while you are at it keep the flahlube up to it

    if you need instructions on how to redex it let me know and BTW it's fun
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    Default Pinging 404

    '68 404,
    It would appear that you or your car is, like a lot of older cars, suffering because of the current fuels. The problem could be exacerbated by the slightly higher compression in the earlier 404's than the lower ratio in the later models ?

    In my opinion you may have to put up with slightly less "perk" to get less "ping". This means you will have to knock back the timing from standard.
    Maybe a slightly larger carb main jet would help, the theory of a richer mixture contributing to combustion cooling ?

    Opening up the valve clearances [cold] by .002" would allow the valves to "rest", allowing them to dissipate heat. My own theory this. Any comment?

    Some type of upper cylinder lube is a must with the "oldies". My preference is for the "Flashlube" product. Ideally with its metered dispenser.

    All the above done one at a time may ease the problem.

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    Just out of curiosity, what is your measured dwell angle and Deg advance, (again measured not book spec).
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    If you are still using the original dizzy the chances are it is giving to much advance at low revs due to wear in the mechanical advance.
    Your vacuum advance could also be faulty.
    I no longer use standard dizzies but get them modified by a tuning friend who changes the whole advance curve to suit the engine.
    EAI in Melbourne used to have New dizzies for a reasonable price.

    Regars, LynCliff.

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    if you don't want to detune it, when it pings, back down a gear and keep the revs high (If able)
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