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Thread: cursed

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    Icon9 cursed

    G,day all...thought i might occupy some space with my incredible tale of woe.

    It all started about two months ago whilst driving my much loved 91 205 gti
    ithe road was wet and the front slid out round a corner....straight into a brand new camry (low speed) nobody was harmed..(human anyway) but this was the beginning of possibly the worst luck ever , the impact snapped the bumper, bent the radiator pushed everything back...SO the GEARBOX broke off the side of the ENGINE and landed on the driveshaft ruininng its joint.. (the camry drove away with a broken indicator lense and a scuffed bumper....

    okay horrible crappy story part one out of the way

    the car now back at my place (2bdr flat..strata) i begin the task of stripping the bits i will need from my 89 gti to transplant. After having a Uncle who owns a wreckers come over and explain the not so good news....(im not very mechanical) I enlisted the help of a mobile mechanic to do the gearbox for me...he took the box out of the series 1 for me and promptly DISSAPEARED INTO THIN now i have an 89 on stands in the garage with donar be1 sitting beneath it and my beloved sorrento outside on stands with a stripped frontend and a brocken gearbox sitting on the driveshaft

    in the meantime life goes on and so does work (commuting in the 306 is fun but its auto and i want my 205) after a week of chasing the mechanic i employ the serices of another mobile mech (a very kind egyptian fellow) to finish th gearbox change. Whilst i am at work the REALESTATE LETTERS had started
    Appartently you should not be carrying out any mechanical car works whether big or small in the garage or surrounding areas. Although we had not created any noise, we seemed to have angered the neighbours.So after a few more letters and calls from the realestate its time to move the car. The 2nd mobile mechanic is also now starting to give up as a few things have him stumped. Like the clutch leaver linkage on the be1 and the mix matching of the drive shafts which me and my beloved gf sorted in our lounge room one night. (Greasy work)

    After fitting the drive shaft, the car was moveable(ie: rolling) and faced with eviction if the car was not removed from the premises we decided to seek more professional help.

    This concludes part 2, please read for the drama of part 3.

    After loading all the parts into the 91,one would think that moving a car to a mechanic would be a easy task. After speaking with the mechanic he offered to arrange the tow druck driver for me. His usual towie was not available and i was given the number of another guy who would be able to help. This was fine and the car was collect safely from the unit under my watchful eye. After following the truck to the mechanics in the 306 (extended lunch hour) i proceeded to give the guy a hand and under direction released the handbrake. To my dismay the car was not connected to the winch and with the truck facing up a 45 degree driveway the car proceeded to roll straight off the back down the driveway, across the busy raod (no casualties) up the gutter and into the neighbours steel fence.

    Oh the humilation, everybody in the surrounding business came running out to see the comotion as my car had to be winched out of this guys fence.
    After calling my gf, i spoke with the driver and mechanic and decided not to call the police. I was then told that this was my fault as i should not have been on the truck even after i was directed from the towie. (By now i am really peaking). After my gf turns up the towie makes a quick exit and decides he will not charge me for the tow (how lovely) but leaves me with the owner of the fence who luckly was a elderly man who was very sympathic and understanding but still wanting me to cover the bill after the fence was fixed, which i did.

    The mechanics than took the car inside to review what had to be done. They explained that they may be able to get it done ASAP but would work on it and give me a call.

    Conclusion of series 3. Series 4: Ignition, Fuel & Crank Angle Sensors


    Whilest working on the car between other jobs we were starting to get somehwere but not to far.
    The problems: Connecting he clutch cable as the fittings where different
    The doner raditator having a hole in it and needing to be repaired
    The bonnet release cable not macthing

    Now the fun part, the cars front end is all back on and looking ok. The car goes to go up on the hoist but promtly loses spark and dies.
    So now it dosen't start and after a process of elimination including running diagnostic tests, checking all plugs & leads, replacing the ignition module, the fuel pump (which i removed from the 89), fidling with the relays and purchasing and replacing the crank angle sensor she is still a no go.

    Time to seek more professional help, so we have contacted a peugeot specialist who is booked solid for the next 2 weeks. The car is still at the mechanics at the moment.But will be seen by this guy as soon as he can fit it in.

    If any body has any idea's as to why it isn't starting, your help now would be muchly aprreciated.

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    Sorry I can't help mate, but geez that is one hell of a bad luck story, hope it gets sorted.
    Peugeot 206 GTi180 '04-I'm in love!

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    I would have knocked the towie out for making that schoolboy error. Thats the shit right there when things happen the really do happen. Never rains it pours.

    I dont really have anyidea about why it wont start though. Your best bet is peter t as hes fairly good with this sort of stuff. All this must have cost a fortune,


    My heart goes out to you man,
    and the 205.
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    Sorry I can't help you with the starting problem, but I just had to say that is some seriously bad luck and hopefully you don't have any more
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    There is a very funny, (and tragic), book to be written with these kind of stories.


    This should cover all the possibilities, (there may be a new thread in this, stories of motor repair disaster).

    Sympathy and smirk. It cant last forever.
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