Mystery 306 starting problem
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    Default Mystery 306 starting problem

    Hi all

    My 306 XR has developed an incredibly infuriating and mysterious problem that I can't for the life of me figure out.

    It either starts but then stops running after a couple of seconds (and then becomes impossible to start), or doesn't start at all. I had the electrical system checked and it's not the starter (it's only a year old and seems to be trying its best) - the mechanic and nrma thought it the fuel pump - but the problem is persisting even after I replaced it last week.

    Now here's the weird bit - you can roll start it no problem and it continues to run afterwards and sounds fine.

    A couple of things happened before this all started - it was filled up with regular unleaded by accident (friends borrowed it for a weekend) - then they threw $10 of crap, old caravan park fuel in it when they got stuck. So I think perhaps the regular or possibly dirty fuel could be the problem?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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    Bad fuel sound like the cause. But strange symptons anyway.
    I had a fuel pump relay come loose once (mucking around behind the dash, i must have pulled the plug out ...oops) The car would start fine, then die as it was starved of fuel. But that dosnt explain your roll starting thing.....

    I'm sure somebody here could suggest something usefull.

    good luck

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    When I read the first couple of paragraphs, I thought 'blocked fuel filter'. But the roll start thing throws that out. Then the caravan park fuel thing brings it back in...


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