504 engine conversion
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    Default 504 engine conversion

    Hi guys/gals,


    Just after any info Re: changing to unleaded petrol? Me old 504 requires some engine attention, a nice oil water mix engine side not radiator, and thought I might go the whole hog and convert from leaded.
    Also having heaps of trouble getting the damn sump plug undone! Any advice?


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    not much to an unleaded conversion... AFAIK all you need is hardened valve seats

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    Kitty flush your radiator first,

    then add 'irontite' to radiator follow instructions.

    should have tidied up those problems.

    run car with appropriate ratio of pulp and valvemaster or similar.

    cheers ed ge

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    Blown head gasket or head.

    Head off and reco. Specify seats and valves for ulp, skim to get the compression ratio right, (is it 8.5:1 for low octane ulp and 10:1 for pulp, need to check).

    While it is a disentangled mess check the welsh plugs and replace as rqd.

    This way you need not worry about the messy addition of valve master or upper cylinder lube.

    Service the radiator, change the thermostat and all rubber hoses, flush and back flush the block.

    Irontite is the temporary X25 solution and it will come back to haunt you.
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    Default 504 upgrade...

    Whatever you do, don't put anything into your radiator unless its green or clear. Anything else is only good if your stuck in the desert and you need to keep the car running to survive.
    As for the unleaded thing, the others are right, get a good head and put hardened valve seats in it and your away. I have heard that a square port head from an early 505 are more efficient and make more power than the 504 type. If your going to change over, you may as well use something that's going to be better while you at it. If your interested, I've got a good square port head and intake from a 1981 505 here that I'd be willing to part with. I'll be up in Melbourne next week if that helps. Let me know if your interested. Good luck!
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