Hello and just try and wipe this grin off my face!!

She is beautiful - as listed above is a 306 99 XT, 42000 kms on the clock and she is black and i love her. Peugeot heads understand. these cars are just quality. there isnt a word to describe how good they are. yep im obsessed.

Anyways the reason i am writing today is to get a little advise on doing a couple of things to my lil pug.

Firstly I would like to get tints - and yes i know you have to get good ones.
I have got a coupla quotes and was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with "the tint professor" a quote for $265. all guaranteed - its not meant to go purple ect, meant to be the good stuff? Does this sound alright.


next actually my boyfriend is wanting me to get some Mags? Alloys? whatever but better than hubcaps? but i am guessing after our mag shopping attempt you really can only get the Pug ones for them? Does anyone have any idea of cost? and best places to get them? just a bit of a guide thanks.

and my only other thing i would like to do and i dont have a clue about but would like to get a nice rumble to the exhaust? where are good places to go (VIC, Yarra Valley) - that know what they are doing and arent going to rip me off cos i'm a girl!

So any tips advise ect would be great thanks!!