Mi16 thirsty and lacking power
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    Default Mi16 thirsty and lacking power

    My 95 405 Mi16 has developed an unhealthy appetite for fuel, and it has no power under 4000 rpm.

    I suspect it might (or might not) be the diaphragms, but I don't actually know where to look for them. Can someone tell a dumb bastard where to look under the bonnet, and what it is I am looking for?

    Or is it something else entirely?

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    I think "Brad" did a write up a couple of years ago on these things.
    The series two has them and I suppose the best description I can give is that they look like a couple of vacuum advance diaphrams at each end of the fuel rail (as anarea in which to look).
    If you do a search on "diaphrams" and poster "Brad" you should find it. Incidentally, I understand it's usual to replace both at the same time as it seems common for either both to blow or just one which can be followed by the other either instantaneously or within a couple of days and it then has to be done anyway and I heard of one case where the new one also went down when the second one popped.

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