Peugeot Mechanic help when buying used car?
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    Icon5 Peugeot Mechanic help when buying used car?

    Hi guys,

    This will be my first post here and I must say I love this place! I've been browsing for a couple of weeks now and it's really helpful.


    I am looking at getting a 205 gti and was wondering if it was possible to pay a mechanic to come and check out the car with you and do an inspection on the vehicle before you buy. Like an NRMA check to see if anything is wrong with it.

    If so, are there any mechanics you could recommend, who are willing to do this? I've seen many names and numbers of mechanics on here but does anyone have any experience with or know of a good pug mechanic who will do this?
    Cheers for all your help!

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    I don't have an answer for Sydney, but I know in SA my mechanic is quite happy for a small fee for you to bring the car in and he will go over and give a report on the vehicle, i am sure it would be the same over there...
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    Default 205 buying

    Hey dude,

    i have some pretty good info in 205 buying guides. Just did google searches on buying guides for the car. I would do the same until i fond the info again. There a a few major things to look for but i can fill you in later. If the present owner is cool enough to let you take it for a check then take it to a mach. called Paul. the garage is called AP Automotive and is on a frech prestige car lot in Gladesville called Gladesville Presige cars (Victoria Rd - Next to a Kennard's Hire - Just before Gladesville Macca's & just after Ryde Aquatic Ctr - City bound). Good luck with the search. Have lots of free time at the moment and could help you if you are really serious.


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