505 Differential Code
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    Default 505 Differential Code

    The code stamped on the right side of the differential of my 1980 505 STi is X63597W. I bought the car used and I was told that the differential had been replaced, along with the engine (ZDJK) and transmission (cable clutch BA7/5). The number, however, does not match any of the 505 codes I got from the vectorbd thread, as the second digit is supposed to be a letter. Any ideas as to what it is?


    And another, from a 504 XN1: 5B22974

    The 5 corresponds to the 3.89 diff of the XN1, and it does drive like it, but the "B" does not match. According to my book it should be an "A". The fact that ht e letter is followed by five numbers also matches. Could it be from a 505 with an XN1?

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