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    Default Thinking Outside the Square

    Just heard from my Pug dealer about one of their customers' experiences from the Brisbane dealer.

    307 Touring owner from mid north coast NSW has rear wheel bearing failure - car under warranty having only done 10k. Visits brissy dealer. Dealer says no wheel bearings in stock (in Australia). Dealer organises rental car for 307 Touring owner while car is laid up and part comes from OS.

    307 Touring owner happens to be talking with their own dealer (same as mine) and relays story.

    307 Touring owner's dealer looks up parts catalog and discovers wheel hub comes with bearing, then looks up stock list and sees stock is in OZ. 307 Touring owner's dealer calls PAA to confirm hub does come with bearing (for less than $100 more than just the bearing on its own). So 307 Touring owner's dealer tells PAA to call brissy dealer and tell them to order hub.

    Now imagine the cost of a rental car while you wait for parts to come from OS vs the extra cost of the hub/bearing over just the bearing. This is another example why you get better service from a country dealer than a city one.

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    City dealer would just tell you to leave your car there for 6 weeks and wait for the parts ... free rental car - what's that !?!?!

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