the boot soundmuffling board.
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    Default the boot soundmuffling board.

    i made a sound muffling board for the boot of the 205 gti and it worked pretty well.
    i had some masonite ,so i used an old one for a template that i got from al out of his 205gti.
    i then got some soundproofing foam from clark rubber which also has heat resistent aluminium foil on on side.
    i glued this on with sprayon glue and covered the whole thing in black boot lining material .
    it works quite well and takes alot of the droning out of the rear muffler.
    of course total isolation would be nice but will take a hell of alot more than just lining the boot .
    in retrospect i should of done a stage by stage foto thing but i will take some tommorrow and also some of the material used.
    it cost about $20 bucks for the foam and about $35 for the boot lining material.
    also 15 for the spray on glue..
    it works pretty well and if i want to hear the note of the exhaust i just open the windows or roof.-BAZZ


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    As you've discovered Baz, it doesn't take much effort, or dollars, to decrease to noise level. Well done.
    Cheers Simon

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