i noticed a tiny amount of fluid coming from the top of my adjustable koni shocker yesterday.
i rang the people i purchased them from and this is where the fun began.
first they wanted the car for 5 days.
i asked why and they said because we have to send them to albury to get fixed and it takes that long.
i rang porven products who import them and they said it only takes a day to fix them and they dont know why i was quoted 5 days as with overnite courier it could be done and back in 2 days.
i relayed this to gt suspension who i got them from and they said i would have to pay for the courier and labour to refit them.
i then asked why koni in vermont could not fix them and was told because they were purchased thru proven in albury they had to be sent there.
i then rang koni in vermont and they said they were happy to fix them under warranty and they need the car for 3-4 hrs.
so from 5 days and 40 bucks for courier plus labour,i got it down to no courier and fixed in 3-4 hrs.
i have to pay 60 bucks for labour as only the parts are covered under warranty which i think SUCKS BIG TIME but its getting done with the mininimum of fuss.-BAZZ[yes im aware i wrote mininimum]