had a flat in the front passengers side of the 205 on friday ,it was fine as i backed out but when driving up the road it started to fell like the drive shaft was coming out of the diff or some such.
it went down real fast and by the time i stopped the car it was totally flat and id creased the side wall DOH!!!!!!.
but i tell you what,i have never had a flat in the front of a front wheel drive car before.
in a rear wheel drive car,when you get a flat in the front it tends to sway slightly from side to side.
on this occasion it started to pull really hard to the left[i really should of stopped then]and then stared to make an awfull sound which was the rimm on the flat tyre.
got a second hand tyre for 35 bucks so im not on the spare,all is fine,as im getting 15's soon i didnt want to buy a new tyre..-BAZZ