Hi all.
I am wondering if someone could post the exact inner dimensions of the bellhousing fitted to the XD2 2.3 diesel 504 engine for the BA7/4 gearbox. I am travelling overseas and just picked up the later model bellhousing for the BA7/5 and an input shaft for the diesel. BUT... I have heard that you cannot use your old flywheel/starter/pressure plate because something doesn't fit. But, I'm not sure what.

So. If someone could measure one and give:
1. largest inner diameter
2. Inner diameter across starter mounting point
3. distance between bolt holes for the 3 starter bolts
4. depth from engine side face into the input shaft shroud (where the input shaft passes through the bellhousing)

Thanks everyone!

Steve Mueller
1963 404 Wagon 2.3 Diesel (going for its 3rd across Australia trip!)