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Thread: s16 driver seat

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    Default s16 driver seat

    hey peoples! i have a problem with my driver's seat. It wont lock into any adjustment and slips back at the worst possible moment. I have already had it looked at but the problem was not fixed twice. Has anyone else had this problem? i have been told that this is a common fault and i would like to know if anyone has had a similar problem


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    Best thing is to take the seat out and have a look at the bar that you use to asjust the seat, it has the locking mechanism on that, sorry a bit hard to explain but once you see it you will understand.

    Take it out and see why its not locking into place, its only take about 5mins to take the seat out.


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    My locking seems to slip as well - works ok in the last position - lucky for me I'm 6.1.

    The back on my seat wobbles unless it's in the total upright position.

    Had the Pug service center look at the seat , they can't do anything with it. To replace it with a brand new one is 2-3k (out of France). Found a second hand seat for $300 (wrong colour but can re-use my current cover).

    Good news is that any N3 306 hatch seat will fit. the GTI6 will not as it has different runners.
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