New exhaust req. for N5 306 XSI. Advise?
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    Default New exhaust req. for N5 306 XSI. Advise?

    Hi All,


    The day has come and the exhaust on my car needs to go. The cat makes a annoying rattle at about 3200rpm, and what used to be a 'sporty' note has become a headache.

    After putting the car up on a hoist, all the elements' internals are totally rusted out, and hence require changing.

    So far, ive been to ASV... all their exhausts are in poor shape, and they didnt have any 2L versions.

    Also went to Hi-tech, they quoted me $880 for a mild-steel system.

    Now, im OK to spend that much as long as i know im getting something decent. Any advise from anyone out there?? Any particualr exhaust shops i should check out.. or any workshops happy to deal with pugs would be good.

    A mate of mine (he used to have a Gti6) mentioned an exhaust from Ecosse??

    Im not really after anything sporty...

    any help/exepriences would be great. Cheers.

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    Hard to go past OE spec on newer Pugs - a "sports" system rarely releases much more power and will only give you a headache... These guys sell aftermarket OE spec systems.

    Also give Carrevelle a call (03 98909061)
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