Opinions on pricing an Mi16
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    Default Opinions on pricing an Mi16

    Gday All,

    I think the time has come, the Mi has not really been used for around 3 months now, other then an outing to the French Car day. As of today it is out of rego, although can be re reg'd within 3 months without going over the pits.

    It's a 1989, Lux pack car in White. Paint and interior are in very very good nick. Also it has almost brand new Pirelli P6000 tyres, done 195,000k's and all in all is in very good shape.

    It goes really well and has had MANY items replaced *i've got reciepts here for thousands over the last 4 years*

    I guess I will go and re register it in the next week or so, but I just want some idea of what it would be worth, I have no idea really, and more is it worth selling or should I just hang on to it ?

    Thanks Guys


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    It's interesting seeing what the Mi's go for... While on here most are pretty cheap, occasionally they sell in the Age (in melb) for over $9k. I've seen at least two go for this in the last few of months, and others over the last year.

    I'm starting to wonder about this too now that the 205 has arrived. With a bit of luck it will be going and able to be registered soon... My 405 is a 92 series 1 with 170000kms on it if anyone has any suggestions...?

    If you are in no hurry to sell it perhaps put it in whatever papers exist in Tassie for top dollar, and adjust if there is no interest? Some people don't like doing this, but my car owes me about $12 - 13k so it had better sell for more than $5 or 6...
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    yea, my Mi cost a bit to run, I guess depending on the condition of your car, model..., you probably getting around 5000~8000. Mine probably worth low 5000, just a standard 91 model, no leather

    also you can trade in your Mi and get a new pug, eg 307 diesel touring That what I like to find out how much I can trade in mine for

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    an immaculate mi16 sold to an enthusiast will sell for 11-12k

    lower end ones tend to be advertised at 5k at the most, these are the cars that have somewhat shoddy interior, scratches, need engine work etc etc.

    for reasonable ones, ie. looked after, but hasnt had money poured into it carelessly, i would probably pay 7-8k, this seems to be the price that most of the decent ones are advertised at

    all depends what people are willing to pay really

    hope this helps
    '92 405 mi16

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