I already posted this in the yech section a few days ago, but I am doing this here as well just in case.

Hello from Athens, Greece

What can I do to upgrade the performance of a 505 STI with the ZDJL engine? I just bought this car and from the VIN it appears that it originally had the 1985 cc engine but the previous owner said he istalled the ZDJL along with its tranny and diff 5000 km ago. Long story made short: We wanted to build a 504 rallye car for classic racing. The cage builder who is a friend and fellow competitor refused to put one in my 1973 504 coupe XN2 because it was too rare and pristine to ruin, he claimed, and told me to buy a cheap 504 sedan and modify it. I first located the 505 to use as parts car (suspension, J diff, brakes, drive shafts etc), but after driving it on the dirt track I decided to keep it for laughs and forget the 504 sedan project. So here is the plan. I will take the 504 coupe to another rollcage builder as I have already prep it for rallying with all the mods suggested by McBean and some of my own: 3.89 diff from a 504 carb (the original was 3.7) stainless 4-2-1- maniford and 52 mm exhaust, 2mm bump on I and E valves, polished head, 275 cam, shaved flywheel, 90 lb front springs, 265 lb rear springs, -0.5 deg front camber, -2.5 deg. rear camber, lowered 4 cm front, 2.5 cm back, 15X6 steel rims from a 505 modified to accept 504 hubcubs with 195/60/15 Falkens. I am not allowed to use power steering (or carbs, for that matter) but I am thinking of using the rack from a 505 to reduce the number of turns. I am listing the mods not to impress but to ask for input as it is obvious the people in this forum have the knowledge. If you have any ideas, they would be much appreciated. (McBean, if you are out there, you got my gratitude, you provided the foundation for this work.)

As for the 505 I will be using the same type of springs I put in the coupe, keep it at stock height, toss the interior and put 2 buckets in the front and , if funds allow, a rollcage and two smaller buckets in the back (from a Smart) for the kids. I already got the same manifold and exhaust I had built for the coupe and I really would like to find another 20 to 45 ponies. So please feel free to offer specific suggestions as to how I can upgrade.

And I said this would be a short story....


Thanks in advance for all your help

1997 106 Rallye, 16V conversion, 1600cc, 168 hp, 178 Nm torque
1973 504 Coupe 2000cc XN2, 140+ hp (estimated, on dyno Sept 15)
1987 505 STI, 2165cc, with horsepower envy