Choice magazine (December 2001)has advised a recall notice has been issued by Peugeot Concessionaires Australia on the 306 Cabriolet.
The model is: 306MY 2001CPA 10175.Manufactured from January to March 2001.
The problem is a heat shield was not installed at the facory and the possiblity of rear brake hose damage.
Contact any registered Peugeot distributer to have the problem rectified. About half a day is suggested for the rectification work to be done.
VIN Numbers or ranges are:
VF37DRFVE33108494 to 33108496,33110505,33111727,33113810,33126283 to 33134558, 33136594 to 33145067, 33146027 to 33185326, 33186450 to 33186451, 33186453 to 33186455, 33186471.
VF37DRFVW 33188491,33127279 to 33146978, 33162410 to 33163895, 33186428.
Cheers, Pete, sydney.