Peugeot 505 Turbo Diesel 5 speed manual 2nd gear syncro bad
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    Default Peugeot 505 Turbo Diesel 5 speed manual 2nd gear syncro bad

    Hi All,
    I've just joined and I would appreciate some assistance/guidance as to the best way to get the 2nd gear syncro fixed on my 5 speed (BA10 I think) gearbox on my 1985 Peugeot 505 turbo diesel (XD2S). If anyone knows where I might find a 2nd hand replacement gearbox, or know of someone who can recondition my gearbox, please let me know.


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    Hey Dieselman,

    welcome to aussie frogs, always good to have a new moniker around to assist and get assistance from, hear tales of amazing daring do or dumb mistakes, or land speed records conquered etc.

    At the top of the forum is a 'sticky' permanent list of peugeot wreckers and if you do a search of forums you come up with some posts written regarding 505 diesels, which are not all that common so far as I know.

    Your post had slipped off the new posts board for some reason so i'm just BUMPING YOU UP so some of the diesel heads can see and offer some assistance, as I am a ignorant petrol head myself and can't help at all.

    cheers ed ge

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    The synchros in these boxes wear very well. I've seen BA10/5s with aver 1/2 a million kms on them, never been opened up before, the bearings are shot but they still shift like new.

    Unfortunately they suffer from weak synchro springs. If you've actually worn out a synchromesh, you'll be up for BIG money for a rebuild. More likely though you could drop the gearbox out, and if you're feeling that way inclined, dismantle the gearbox, remove all remaining synchro springs, and have some heavy duty springs made up by your local spring manufacturer. While you're in there, replace all the bearings if you can afford it (one bearing in particular is about $400) and stick it back together. It will then last you another 30 years.

    Diesel gearboxes aren't that easy to come by, and when you do they are not cheap. A cheaper option is to perhaps swap it with a 4 speed from a 504 diesel. The BA7/4 fitted to them is a much nicer shifting box, and the 4 speeds are still plenty strong enough. I have a couple of these lying around if you were interested in a swap (i'm looking for a GOOD BA10/5 for a diesel, and I'm willing to rebuild one, as I already have most of the bearings). Cheap as chips, and if you break another one, they're dead easy to find.

    The other thing you could do is find a BA10/5 from a 505 GR. You would have to change the bell housing and input shaft to make it work, which in itself doesn't seem to have a high success rate, bearings seem to fail shortly thereafter. The gear ratios are supposed to be the same, but in practice I think the diesels are longer.

    Your bumping theory works, edgedweller

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