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Thread: fuel filters

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    fuel filters

    always been taught by many different pug mechanics, always buy OEM or genuine parts when it comes to filters. Fuel, Oil, Air. The few extra dollars could save you. I cracked a piston in my pug, and was asked if i was using non genuine oil filter. I said no but i was, they said, oh if you were that could be a contributing factor. so now, I only use genuine everything


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    shit man that's bad luck... thanks for the tip!

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    i went and bought to genuine pruflux today(fuel filter). Anyways, another tip, don't change the fuel filter soon after you've driven the car. I guess theres some pressure that builds in the hoses and when you take the filter off, it's got to go somewhere. All over my shirt, my shorts, some on my face even. It's just not my day! if you've read the tyre thread, you'll know about my buckled wheel and damn aircon button

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    If everything in your injection system is in good order,there should be around 40 PSI at the filter even after a week of being idle. This proves that the one-way valve in the pump, injectors, and pressure regulator are not leaking. Alan
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