Pug 406 diesel. Any experience?
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    Default Pug 406 diesel. Any experience?

    I've not posted on Peugeot b4 as I have run Renaults & Citroens (and Simca's) but haven't tried the Peugeot. (Although you can see I like French cars.
    I am considering a Peugeot 406 Diesel however. It's a 1996 model with all the trim including alloys. 170,000 km's, well cared for & no flaws that I can see. They are asking $8000 for it which sounds a bit steep with those km's maybe? It looks a bit bland, but goes like stink. With petrol (here in NZ) having gone up to $1.30 for 91 octant and $1.45 for premium, the fact that diesel is 90c is quite attractive (although road tax on diesel vehicles probably makes diesel about $1.02 or thereabouts in reality).
    I wondered what experience others might have had with the Pug 406 diesel and whether there might be a couple of tips on what to check for before any decision is made...


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    A Peugeot is much like a Citroen, Well they are both the same company.

    As long as it has a full service history & has been cared for & hasnt had lots of owners they make very good cars.

    You didnt say which engine it had, 1.9 TD or the 2.1 or which spec it was.

    I cant really say what it would be worth because im in the U.K. But over here you would pay around 1900 at a dealer or 1400 in a private sale for a 1.9 TD Executive in excellent condition with those miles / Ks on.

    The Executive is the top of the 406 range with everything on.
    2003 Pug 206 GLX TU3JP

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