Oil and Coolant Recommendation for 405?
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    Icon5 Oil and Coolant Recommendation for 405?

    Hi fellow froggies,

    This is the first time I'm going to replace my coolant and oil in my one week old 405(1991). It's done about 240,000kms. Still figuring out the heating issue as the thermostat (replaced) and radiator (cleaned) have been looked at. Second stage fan still not firing up.

    Any suggestions or comments about your experiences with oil / coolant for the 405 (petrol) would be appreciated.



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    Howdy. I'm not sure about the recommended oil viscosity range for your model, but I use Mobil Synth S 10W40 in my Mi16. The Peugeot brand coolant from the dealer is about $26 for the amount needed so is the best choice in my opinion.

    On saying that, I use a brilliant coolant called Alfloc in mine, but it's pretty rare - there are only a few places that sell it. If this wasn't already in the car (it's a long term coolant) I'd use the genuine stuff. Incidentally, my '91 has an absolutely spotless cooling system on the original radiator and has been run on Alfloc all it's life (from when it was a month old).



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